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Blackcurrant Sofa and Painting
IMG_6069 (Edited)
Stone circle and church enhanced  (3)
Bell tents together
Airstream Ana

Glamping at Cotswolds Camping


We have a variety of glamping options including:

-> Gypsy Caravan Carmen

-> Yurt Yami

-> Yurt Yasmin

-> Airstream Ana

-> Little Dutch

-> The Bell Tents

The idea of glamping is that you have an experience that is a little more luxurious and quirky than bringing your own tent and camping, but you still get the benefits of sleeping outside and convenience. There is a minimum 2 night booking for all glamping. Prices include all fees and the use of the facilities. (click names above for booking)

As you will see, some of our glamping structures are still under construction. Please click on the different options under the heading Glamping to read about each of the glamping structures we have on offer here. For bookings of the glamping structures use our bookings page.

We now have Wi-Fi available to all guests in the camping kitchen at no extra cost! The Airstream, Gypsy and Yurt Yami have WiFi as an upgradable extra too.

Please note we have strict planning permission conditions which we must adhere to. These can be found here. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be politely asked to leave.


Exclusively for our glampers in the Gypsy Caravan, Bell Tents and Yurt Yasmin - we have our heated glamping bathroom with toilet and shower.

Little Dutch, Yurt Yami and Airstream Ana all have personal en-suites.


Our campsite is  chilled, and quiet  - as it is in the grounds of Holycombe Holistic Retreat Centre - and to ensure that all our guests have the quiet, peaceful experience they expect, we have designated our site a “Quiet Campsite”


The conditions we have to adhere to are in order to meet our planning permission:

1. All bookings must be made on-line

2. No fires directly on the ground - only in the fire-baskets provided 

3. We do not allow people to play music, so, no radios, CDs or ipod docs, drums or other instruments. Bring your earplugs if you are sensitive to the sounds of church bells.

4. No groups over 4 people. We do not allow groups due to the amount of noise that is generated when a group of people get together. There is maximum of 4 people (over the age 12 and over) per booking, and you are only able to make one booking per party. 

5. We welcome people having a glass of wine or beer around the fire but if you wish to get drunk then this is not the campsite for you. We pride ourselves on being a quiet and peaceful campsite and alcohol in larger quantities generally leads to others being disturbed.

6. No noise at any time, no music, radios , ipods, drums or other instuments etc and silence after 11.00pm

In order to achieve this we only take families, couples and singles.

7. We do not allow unaccompanied teenagers or groups. Only couples, families or singles. Groups must be arranged by prior contact before booking.

8. We regret that, because of this, we have been forced to limit our campsite to adults and children age 12 and over only. However, on the positive side, we can now guarantee that the campsite is a more peaceful venue and will particularly suit anyone who would prefer a children-free environment or who simply want to enjoy an exceptionally beautiful and historic place.


You can have fires here provided that they are in the fire baskets provided and we sell wood for £4 a bag.


Anyone disturbing the tranquility of the site will be politely asked to leave, and we ask guests to report any disturbance on site - see contact us

For the full set of our conditions click here

The Campsite Vibe

Airstream Ana

Airstream Ana
Inside of airstream
View from airstream door 18
Airstream walking in June 2018
Airstream bed June 2018
airstream loo
airstream interior wbs 18

Bell Tent - blackcurrant & Hawthorne

Bell Tents
Blackcurrant - Bell Tent
Birds in Bell Tent
Blackcurrant Sofa and Painting
Blackcurrant Painting
Hawthorne inside view
bell tent view
Blackcurrant sofa and burner

Yurt Yami 

Yurt Yami
IMG_6023 (Edited)
IMG_6030 (Edited)
IMG_6027 (Edited)
IMG_6020 (Edited)
IMG_6069 (Edited)
View from seating outside Yurt
Gypsy Caravan

Little Dutch


Gypsy Caravan Carmen

Gypsy bed new
View from gypsy door 18
gypsy seats 18
gypsy stove
gypsy new 3
gypsy stove 18

“We loved it. We've already been to several places around the Cotswolds and yours has become our favourite. - Airstream Ana”

"Beautiful, peaceful setting, lovely warm yurt with the wood burner blazing (and we stayed in a thunderstorm!), great for a special night away. - Yurt Yami 

“Amenities are great considering its a tight space, the stove is extremely warm and so cosy at night. Glamping bathroom is a lovely touch - Gypsy Caravan”

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